Why To choose Swiss Lace Wig?

At the same density and length, The price of Swiss lace is higher than middle brown lace, so why we should spend more money to choose Swiss lace wig?

The most comment we get from customers is: “This unit is a new skin melt unit and when i tell you this lace is the absolute best I have ever experienced”, It’s great! It’s thin it is literally melts right into the skin, it’s the invisible lace like look at that you can barely even see it once you actually secure this down with some from adhesive it blends, so nicely.

Not only that, Do you all see this, this looks so great and feel like this is one of those units that would look really really good for those who don’t wear makeup, because the quality of the lace is so good and it’s also transparent lace it’s gonna blend very well with your skin whether you have make up on or not, so that a major plus.

In summary, this is why you choose Swiss lace wig, everyone’s preferences are different, when you want to choose it, don’t hesitate.


Direct Wig Link:http://bit.ly/2ZQQqSU


Hair density: 150%

Cap size: 22.5 inch