How to insert to a fake scalp by yourself?


Start by taking your wig cap and flipping it inside-out, make sure your knots are already bleached, now the great thing about doing this yourself is that you can add litter customization like this to the inside of the cap, take a litter bit of that foundation powder and this matches your scout color and apply that to the inside of the lace and this is going to make the lace and do now smash your scalp better.


You will need the material for the fake scalp, you will need some thread that is light and color you don’t want to use black unless you don’t care, and two pairs of scissors, i have picking shares and regular scissors.

The first thing is take this and fold it into three layers, now you can use two layers, however many layers you want, this is just going to depend on how thick you want it, i like to keep mine breathable, now you need to pin that material over top of the wig and then begin to sew, now start at the rim here on the lace and go all the way around, however you want to start right at the ear tab areas when sewing down this materials and you not get a chance to show that, so make sure you start there and go around that band that’s on the side of the wig, it’s very simple and like i said it only takes you ten minutes now.

Wig link:

Wig name:COCO

Length: 20 inches

Density: 150%