Detailed interpretation of HD lace

We all know HD lace is a very thin but tough lace.

What the characteristic of HD lace?

The characteristic of HD lace is it looks very natural when you wear it on your head, nobody can tell you that this isn’t your hair.

Please see the real shot below, the detail of HD lace after spraying with water, how natural it looks!

Detailed interpretation of HD lace

What skin tone is HD lace suitable for?

Because of the thinness of the lace and how it’s made it’s HD, so a dark skin tone or a lighter skin tone, it will still looks really natural, i am not even gonna lie if you put this lace against, you are just gonna see your natural hair do its thing, because at this point, it’s no longer a wig as i said.


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Length: 16 inches

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: 22.5inch

Coupon Code: JADA