10 Things to Know Before You Buy A Full Lace Wig


①How to choose on the glue full lace wig and full lace wig?

Glueless wig, when you are going to sleep at night, you don’t need to spend too much time to remove the wig, glueless wigs are more convenience for the install. If you wanted to like one day just put on the wig real quick or something, you could just put it on without having to glue it down.


②All full lace wigs can be parted anywhere, can do high ponytail, half up half down or any others hairstyles you want.


③Make sure the hair installation is professional.

When you do not have professional installation skills, looking for a professional hairstylist, There are special like some stylist like only do sewing’s and some only do like glues,so you have to find a stylist that does sews or does glues.


④It’s better to choose a light lace than dark lace .

Because you can easily darken lace,but it is like it is not that easy to like lighten it. You can use the concealer or foundation to darken it, but if you want to lighted it, only can bleach it which is not easy.


⑤It’s better to choose a big cap size rather than a small one if you do not confirm your head circumference.

If you cap is too small, it is like, I mean you can’t cut it extend you or something, but if it is too big, there’s so many ways did you feel like,such as use the glue and cut directly.


⑥If you want to dye your wig into a light color,do not buy no black wig,if you want to get a baby blue or something ,buy a platinum wig,because it’s already platinum,it’s gonna be easy to put a light color on the hair and you are done.


⑦Do not get to round up in density, just choose the one you like.Since we all know clearly,we do have different purposes.


⑧If your wig’s price is a little bit high, just like over $200 or $300, trust me, worth it to go to a stylist to get them into customzing to avoid messing up.


⑨.Lace wig, they are not going to last forever like over time eventually.

You might need some products to protect it,it is very important.

⑩.Unless you have just like super severe baby hairs in some cases , you might be able to see the lace a little bit,but honestly like it is so nice for a wig.

Wig: http://bit.ly/2U4jXrI

Code number :DSN

Hair length: 16"
Hair density: 150%
Cap size: Medium 22.5
Cap construction: Full lace