Superbwigs The Best Skin Melt Swiss Lace Undetectable Knots Wig Beginner Friendly!!!

About the Swiss Lace and Undetectable Knots Wig:

Real swiss lace is very invisible when applied to the skin.

This lace is supposed to be very thin very stretchy very soft and also very durable.

The great thing about this lace is the color blends with a majority of skin complexions only need one second.

Wig Name: Swiss Lace Pre-plucked Hide Lace+ Hide Knots Silk Straight Lace Wig

Length: 20 inches

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: 22.5inch

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Swiss Lace Wig:

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This wig is preplucked, pre bleached, its pre everything. The knots were completely invisible. so literally if you are a new at wig where this wig the type of wig for you, the lace is transparent so you donot really need to do anything to melt it unless you feel like you need to add a little bit of makeup to make it match your skin a little bit more, but after youtuber done cutting the lace off of the wig, you can see how crazy this lace is, everyboday if you've not a wig person, you do not know how to put on wigs, we are confident that you can lay this swiss lace.

Customer Review:

I Feel In Love With My Wig! It Took Three Days For My Hair To Arrive. The Communication was The Best . It Took Them No Longer than 5 mins To Respond To my Concerns. I will Be Back To Order . Great Job Company.