Superbwigs Swiss Lace Hide Lace + Hide Knots 13X6 Curly Short Bob Wig

About Swiss Lace Undetectable Knots Wig:

Real swiss lace is very invisible when applied to the skin. This lace is supposed to be very thin very stretchy very soft and also very durable. The great thing about this lace is the color blends with a majority of skin complexions only need one second.

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Swiss Lace Wig:

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Wig Name: Dora Swiss Lace Hide Lace+ Hide Knots 13x6 Curly Short Bob Wig Length: 16 inches

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: 22.5inch

This wig straight out of package and it really looks healthy it looks rich, so that's like a go use her way, when you put the lace on your arm, you even do not see the lace, it disapperared.


Customer Review: 

This wig is superb and is very soft it arrived after 2 weeks. I recommend it