Superbwigs New Skin Melt Swiss Lace Wig Installed

About the Swiss Lace and Undetectable Knots Wig:

Real swiss lace is very invisible when applied to the skin.

This lace is supposed to be very thin very stretchy very soft and also very durable.

The great thing about this lace is the color blends with a majority of skin complexions only need one second.

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Swiss Lace Wig:

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Wig Name: Megan Swiss Lace Pre-plucked Hide Lace+ Hide Knots Silk Straight Lace Wig

Length: 20 inches

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: 22.5inch

The swiss lace is future, quote me on that the wig looks nice, the lace looks nice,but wait till you get outside you will disbelief you stay, the scalp loos gorgeous, you even not believe the hair grow up from a scalp

Customer Review:

This is only my second wig I've ever purchased from Superbwigs and let me assure you that this wig was worth it's price.