How to rehab your balding frontal wig and tangled matted hair?

The first thing you need to do is give your units and apple cider bath, people in the natural community are familiar with the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, it is a great for clarifying your hair and restoring it back to its natural PH balance. It is also good for adding luster and shine to your hair. Before soaking it in the water, you want to be sure to tangle the wig as much as possible. Then you want to submerge the hair in the water and let it sit and soak for about 3-5 minutes.

The second thing is wash the hair with shampoo

The third thing is gonna take some of that shampoo and you are going to take one of your baby hair bush and scrub towards the front to remove any build-up.

The fourth thing is the typical way which is just apply it like you would any normal conditioner and then you want to detangle the hair with the silicone mix on it. At this point, your hair will detangle.

The fifth thing is fill a bowl up with boiling how water, then add cold water to the mix until it is hot to touch up but doesn’t burn your hand. Then take the unit and dip it into the water about ten minutes.

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