How to cut the lace off your wig?

①Just cut the lace on the back straight across, make sure your hot comb is turned on from now.

②when you are cutting the lace, the first step and the most important step that you want to make sure you do first is you want to focus on the lace near your ears,

③Make sure it is directly on top of your hairline, you want to slide it up a little more but careful not to minimize the forehead.

④Trusty comb rat tail to be exact. you just want to follow the shape of your ear by create apart. now careful not cut too short because the worst thing you could possibly do is actually have your lace stop up here

⑤Make sure you don’t cut the elastic bands underneath, make sure you are not cutting too much into the construction of the cap.Doing the same thing on the left part.

⑥Get a nice sharp scissors or you can use a razor blade and only ways where I am not gonna use that in this video. I am just going to follow the hairline and you can see I said jaggedy but not jaggedy straight.

Wig Name: Edwina

Cap construction: 360 Lace

Length: 12 inches

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: 22.5inch

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